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Q: How long will it take me to get successful socially?
A: Success is all relative to you. Depending on what you want to achieve, you could see some success within a few weeks, or maybe a few years.

Q: What if I dont have any interests?
A: C'mon. Everyone has interests. An interest can be anything you are doing or anything you WANT to do. Don't limit yourself with your current skills or knowledge. Just think about something you think would be cool to learn or do.

Q: I really dont like going out, how can i be more social?
A: Going out means more than going to bars or going to parties. Going out means getting out of the house. You can get out of the house in many ways. Going to some public art event, or going to a concert or going to a event.

Q: Are you coming out with any other products?
A: Currently, we are planning to release an audio version of the Art of Making Friends, and also we are planning on doing a book called the Fundamentals of Presence. The new book would cover things like your voice, eye contact, and your handshake.

Q: How come it took so long to write the book?
A: Honestly, we both had a lot of other stuff going on. We always found a little time to keep it going, but really never could get that final push til just recently

Q: Can I get a hardcopy of the book?
A: Not yet. We are working on setting that up. Will announce it when we figure it out.

Q: Do you have any other self-development book or course recommendations?
A: Yes, Please read our Recommended Reading area located in the menubar at the bottom of the page

Q: Are you planning on any seminars or workshops?
A: Currently, we are not planning any seminars or workshops in the near future. We plan on seeing what feedback we get on the book then coming up with a strategy if the demand is enough for a live seminar or workshop.

Thank you all for your questions!

-Johnny and Kyle

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